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Divi 4.0 is coming

We love to use Divi at Bit9Labs. We are excited to use the new functionality. Join us waiting for the new release by entering for their contest: Click here

Understanding Laravel’s Magic Methods

I was in a meeting with a client, and he wanted to understand more about how the workings of the program I created. That application was written using Laravel, a popular PHP framework. In the middle of the explanation I referred to Laravel’s magic methods and he...

5 Essential SEO Strategies in 2015

Google and other search engine sites only want one thing; to give quality internet experience to its users. They want to make online search a lot easier and convenient that in just one typing, the user can have the quality and relevant results he or she looks for to...

SaaS or Sass, and how can you use them? – Part 1

Two acronyms getting some attention are SaaS and Sass. Although the acronyms are very similar and easily confused at first glance, they are two different concepts in the development world. In this article we will discuss both of them and how they may apply to you....

Bit9Labs is back!

We are excited to have back online! We had some problems with our hosting provider that has now been resolved. While we were down, we had a chance to setup our new blog! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.